Eyewear builds confidence and ultimately improves one’s quality of life.




Oval Optical is a local boutique-style optical store that is eager to redefine the optical shopping experience. Vincent Lam, the founder of Oval Optical, is a licensed Optician and Contact lens fitter with 20 years of experience as an eye care practitioner in BC. Along with his partners Peter and Tony, they embrace the entrepreneurial spirit like thousands of other Canadian small businesses owners. Oval Optical is committed to creating value for their customers through dedicated and professional service, quality products, socially responsible and sustainable business practices. Even during these difficult times brought upon by COVID-19, Oval Optical will persevere and remain focused on our goal to deliver above and beyond for our customers and community.

Eyewear is not only a functional tool that provides improved vision, but also represents one’s personality, builds confidence and ultimately improves one’s quality of life.



Oval Optical is dedicated to providing an unforgettable and prestigious shopping experience to our clients. We are partners with premium luxury eyewear brands, such as LINDBERG, IC BERLIN, DITA, MYKITA, LINDA FARROW, to name a few. We also partner with world renowned lens manufacturers and contact lens companies such as HOYA, NIKON, ZEISS, ESSILOR and Johnson & Johnson, whom holds the best technology in optical lenses.

At Oval Optical, we celebrate individuality and share the vision of our partners. This allows us to represent the brands we carry exquisitely and pursue our passion in delivering the best eyewear products to our clients through exceptional service.



Oval Optical works closely with Hoya Vision and is an authorized dispenser for Hoya MiYOSMART lenses, a new technology for myopia management to slow down and reduce the progression of myopia of children by up to 60%.

Progression of myopia at a rapid rate is a trend that concerns all global regions. By 2050 it is estimated that over 50% of people will have myopia, which studies show would drastically increase the odds of ocular diseases. Myopia management at a young age is crucial to our kids’ ocular health in the future.

Our city and province is so beautiful, so we want all children in BC to visually embrace its elegance. Oval Optical also works with the Fraser Lions Club to donate used glasses to those less fortunate in developing countries.

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